Voice Actor

Jeff Durand

My voice journey began while a college student where an academic advisor stated that she felt that my voice and speaking abilities were an asset that I should consider utilizing career wise via the university's journalism school as a radio/tv/film major. Impressed with her insight, for the next year or so I heeded her advice.

During the following year I met an alum who would become a friend and business mentor. He felt that I'd do well in his profession and was persistent in recruiting me. Though now conscious of, but never having been impressed with nor care about my voice and not exactly enamored with my journalism school routine, I left the program and focused on becoming a financial professional.

A few years into my financial career I added sports agent to my repertoire. Then I added entertainment agent, investor, songwriter, indie record label owner, author, etc. Years elapsed and every step of the way, every week, someone complimented, remarked, and/or inquired about my voice. All of that acknowledgement, validation and attention regarding my voice yet it meant very little to me.

Evidentially there is a time and space for everything. It took decades, but my "gift of voice" finally mattered to me. Eventually I decided to utilize it professionally. To that end I studied and recited voice acting scripts, took voice acting classes, got voiceover jobs, and became a dubbing artist which helped me evolve immensely as a voice actor.

My voice journey has been anything but direct. Thankfully it, however, is in the time and space that I need and want it to be.

I voice act in voiceover, dubbing, narration and more. Clients have included several dubbing studios, HBO, Warner Media, Amazon Prime Videos, Sony Pictures, Paramount, 20th Century Studios, MGM, Disney, Telemundo, Burger King, Ball Park Franks, Univision, Oscar Mayer, Hormel, Jeep, Target, Honda, Bally's, Alma Advertising Agency, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Sports Authority, Pfizer, Walmart and more.

In this six episode Prime docuseries regarding Team Argentina's winning road to and through the 2022 Qatar World Cup Championships, I contribute to narration throughout.

In this animation titled Your Organs When You Eat Too Much Sugar I'm voicing the Sugar, Stomach, Liver and Pancreas characters as well as the vocal outro.