November 22, 2018


I live in the spirit of gratitude. My list of that which I am 24/7/365 grateful for, God, my parents, those who demonstrably love and care about me, living in a country where I'm free to do and be me, my mentality, opportunity, second chances and so much more including, but not limited to the beauty that I find in so many people, sights, sounds, places and experiences. I'm also grateful that though I have been blessed in many ways, that I take no one and no thing for granted, I appreciate everyone and everything and I still am enthusiastic about and look forward to much.

May 5, 2018

Have You Arrived

If you are not in your everyday life loving, grateful, humble, contributing, kind, fair, caring, honest, patient, forgiving, generous, tolerant, empathetic, compassionate, and putting others up instead of down, not only have you not arrived, you've still a long ways to go.

February 18, 2018

Money Wise

The tragic mistake that most make with regards to money is in not considering themselves a bill. Those successful in building wealth and attaining financial independence not only consider themselves a bill, but the priority of their bills meaning come payday, contributions to their savings and investments are the first bill that is paid.

Don't be in the majority that come retirement age cannot retire due to insufficient resources or who have to markedly reduce their standard of living.

You work hard for your money. You should simultaneously have your money working hard for you.

Everyone regardless of income needs a relationship with a financial professional. I'd be happy to help you.

January 12, 2018

While You Still Can

A time will come when you'll wish you still could, so while you can you really should.

October 26, 2017


It's very important to learn and grow from mistakes. It's equally important that the mistakes you better yourself from are not always your own.

September 5, 2017

No Inspiration - No Life

Inspiration is all around. A favorite source of mine is athletes training for a goal, a specific competition. Their focus, commitment to excellence, discipline, hard work and sacrifice re-energizes my desire to do and be the same and in all areas of my life.

August 9, 2017

The Best

To be and have the best you must want and always do your best. You should never accept less than the best, because you deserve the best. You were born the best, so live the best. You are a child of God, so you are the best.

July 21, 2017

My Legacy

Long ago I decided that I would be all that I could be for as long as I can be. This encompasses my spirit, mind, body, passions and professions, as well as being aware of, kind to and substantive and thoughtfully participating in relationship with others. This is how I have lived, live, and hope to be remembered as and for.

June 3, 2017

Be Yourself

It's hard to stand out while you're constantly trying to fit in. There's no one quite like or better than you, so embrace that fact and choose to be all that you as yourself can be.

April 25, 2017

Keep It Moving

Disappointments should be treated like a pit-stop. Pull over, re-fuel, change your tires, clean the windshield, re-focus, get back on the track and do your best to succeed.

April 9, 2017

Stop Settling

You'll stop following, envying, begrudging and even hating those who have more once you stop settling for less.

April 9, 2017

Never stop working on being the best version of yourself

Investing in yourself daily--spiritually, mentally, physically and socially will give you the best quality of existence.

March 17, 2017


Time is precious and important, so don't waste it. It can never be regained nor is it promised to anyone. Don't worry counting your time. Instead be vigilant in making your time count.

March 2, 2017


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so open your eyes, mind, heart and behold. Beauty is everywhere! It's in people, nature, moments, experiences, memories, gestures, places, sights, sounds, taste, smells and so much more. The great thing is that there's an never ending abundance of beauty.

March 2, 2017

Your Words

Words are powerful. They are best utilized uplifting others.

March 2, 2017


Paradise is not a destination. It is a state of mind.

March 2, 2017

Take it easy

Everyday, throughout the day, look for, participate in and enjoy the lighter and brighter side of whatever you do and encounter.

February 25, 2017

Embrace the light

Though there's much in this world that is fallen, you still can choose to seek and embrace the ascending.

February 25, 2017

Don't create excuses - Create opportunities

It's your life. Don't allow anyone or anything, including yourself to limit or stop you from being everything you truly want to be.

January 26, 2017

Life Montra

I Am!

I Can!

I'm Deserving!

I Will!

January 25, 2017

You are blessed

If you're alive, you love and you are loved, you are in fact very blessed! The rest, however, is up to you!

If you want a great life, create one! The responsibility is yours alone. It's not Gods, your parents or the governments. Your successes and failures are determined by your choices, ambitions, desires, self image, work-ethic, courage and character. You will ultimately, like it or not, reap what you sew and in every area of your life.

December 13, 2016


Life isn't about waiting for it's storms to pass. It's about learning to and insisting on dancing while in their midst.

September 12, 2016

The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.

A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success and believes that he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

July 17, 2016

Luke 6:31

"Do to others as you'd have them do to you."

March 22, 2016


"I would rather stand with God and be judged by the world then stand with the world and be judged by God"

February 1, 2016

Real Power

You are infinitely more powerful than you realize.

Your acknowledgement, smile, thank you, compliment, encouragement and time given to others, not only can make their moment, hour or day, but in many instances it can deeply positively affect and even change their life.

You are powerful. Know this and choose to use your power to uplift others. In turn you too will genuinely feel uplifted.

May 13, 2015


Regardless of what I'm going through, I try to remain conscious of the importance of being grateful. God loves me and I am blessed in many ways, and life no matter how challenging, real or perceived, could always be worse.

May 5, 2015

Be A Blessing To Others

My deepest feelings of satisfaction have always come from helping others. Ask yourself how can I be a blessing to others today and then act upon it today and everyday.






Sports Anthems by Jeff Durand at iTunes

Song Listing:

1. Undeniable 2. Reach for the Top 3. Go for It 4. Your Time to Shine 5. Bring It 6. Play to Win 7. Rock the House 8. Playtime Is Over

Popular Figure Skating Music - Undeniable

Olympic Gold Medalist Adelina Sotnikova looks great warming-up to my popular sports anthem "Undeniable" in this segment of the docu-series "Russia Beyond The Headlines".

Popular Ballet Music - Undeniable

Whether primary, intermediate, advanced, elite, coaches, instructors, schools, coaching seminars, clinics, academies, etc. Whether in warm-ups, conditioning, choreography and performance, globally, ballet is utilizing the instrumental "Undeniable" written by Jeff Durand and Tommy Barbarella.

The World's Most Popular and Utilized Gymnastics Music - Undeniable

Whether beginner, levels 1-10, collegiate, elite level, coaches, instructors, schools, coaching seminars, clinics, acadameys, etc. Whether in warm-ups, conditioning, choreography and performance, globally, girl's gymnastics has adopted and is utilizing the instrumental "Undeniable" written by Jeff Durand and Tommy Barbarella.

Popular Fashion Show Music - Undeniable

Fashion shows around the globe are utilizing the instrumental "Undeniable" written by Jeff Durand and Tommy Barbarella.