videos From Global Utilizers of my song Undeniable

I enjoy receiving videos, literally from around the world, of people utilizing my music in various fashions. Knowing that inspiration, creativity and joy are derived from that which I have created makes me feel great. The elite athletes, dancers, etc., businesses, television shows and so on, that are using Undeniable in their performances, events and practices help me get it noticed, for which I'm grateful, but the kids and other not so polished aspiring, are the songs seedlings and grassroots. They move and inspire me. This music, Undeniable, was crafted by me and Tommy Barbarella. It's perpetual journey is global, life touching and one that I'm grateful for and very proud of.

SEBASTIANred & SEBASTIANsposa Fashion Show 'ARISTOCRAT' 2016

World-Class Figure Skater - From Russia

Twin sister ballerinas prepare for a Disney audition

Short Film - From Ethiopia

Escola de Dancas Angelica Ristelli - From Brazil

Contemporary Dance - From Manila, Philippines

Contemporary Dance - From Japan

Flexibility Training - From Greece

Fashion Show - From Dubai

Modern Dance - From The Netherlands

Rooftop Modern Ballet by Anggi Andiarini - From Jakarta, Indonesia

Pole Dance Akademija - From Serbia

Pilates, Danse et Stretching - From France

Modern Ballet - From Czech Republic

Mercedes Benz Event - from Japan

KNT Danceworks Mixed Level Ballet - From England

Television Show - From India

Gymnastics at home

Dance Studio - From Armenia

Circus Mongolia - From Ankara, Turkey

Ballet Faya - From Amsterdam

Annual Day - From India

A Dancer's Dream - From Spain

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