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It's gratifying to know that my music is liked, appreciated and utilized in many fashions including, but not limited to inspiration, motivation, relaxation, athletic warm-ups, training, choreography, competition, exhibition and performance, as well as commercial advertising and marketing, in television and film, promotions and trailers, radio spots, fashion shows, in dance, ballet and other choreography, online streaming, in thousands of YouTube and other home-made videos, and more.

Time featuring Robert Robinson. Written by Jeff Durand

I am privileged to have befriended and worked with one of the nicest people and best vocalist anyone could ever care to meet, Robert Robinson.

I was with friends at one of Robert Robinson's countless sold-out performances. The captivated audience gave standing ovations after each and every song. Regardless of whoever you think is the best live performer you've ever seen, trust me, if anything, they've not got much on Robert Robinson and his piano accompanist Sam Reeves. Gifted and Brilliant are the words best used to describe their music.

Completely inspired by what I had heard that evening, the songwriter in me was compelled to approach him after the show, lobby for a meeting and hopefully convince him to lend his magnificent voice to a song or two that I had written. As fate would have it, we recorded several songs together. "Time," written and produced by me, is my favorite.

Following are some of Robert Robinson's well deserved credentials:

The Minneapolis Star Tribune named Robert Robinson “Minnesota’s Master Male Vocalist.”

He has performed with Aretha Franklin, nine-time Grammy Award winner Andrae Crouch, Kenny Loggins, Multi Grammy Award Winners The Sounds of Blackness, Bobby McFerrin, Barry Manilow, Jermaine Jackson and others.

He was a two-time Minnesota Music Award Winner for Best Gospel Artist and Group.

Robert was chosen to open Prince’s birthday bash.

Robert was a featured solo artist at Promise Keepers, the Billy Graham Crusade, and the National Day of Prayer in Washington, DC.

He is a three-time Minnesota Black Musicians Award Winner for Best Gospel Group.

Robert was featured vocalist with world-renowned pianist Lorie Line and her Pop Chamber Orchestra with appearance across the United States.

He was voted Minnesota's Best Male Vocalist the by the Minneapolis and Saint Paul entertainment paper, City Pages.

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