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My professional athlete clients have included NFL All Pros Tony Dorsett, Henry Thomas, Bennie Blades, Bryant McKinnie, Jerry Ball and Todd Scott, as well as numerous other outstanding players including Najee Mustafaa, John Harris, Brian Baldinger, Malik Boyd, Darrell Thompson, Brandon Mitchell, Carl Hilton, Sterling Palmer, David Howard, Mike Jones, Curtis Rouse, Keith Henderson, James Harris, Sean Lumpkin, Russell Gary, Fernando Smith, Tim Newton, Joe Fuller, Carlos Jenkins, Cedric Smith, Darrell Fullington, William Kirksey, Malik Boyd, Hassan Jones, Matt Chatham, Darrin Nelson, Carl Kidd, Joe Fuller, Ben Williams and others.

My friend and client Tony Dorsett


My entertainment clients have included the iconic MTV legend, actress, spokesperson and celebrity interviewer Downtown Julie Brown, Bryant McKinnie, Prince and The New Power Generation keyboardist and backing vocalist Boni Boyer, multi platinum selling writer and producer Lewis Martinee, Bryant McKinnie, Prince and the Revolution bassist Mark Brown, Prince and The New Power Generation guitarist Miko Weaver, Cynthia Johnson--who sang the world #1 best selling single "Funky Town" and many others.

My friend and client Downtown Julie Brown

My friend and client Bryant McKinnie

After twice being named an NCAA All-American, winning a National Championship and earning the Outland Trophy which is awarded to the best college football interior lineman in the United States as judged by the Football Writers Association of America, Miami Hurricane Bryant McKinnie was drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings where between 2002 and 2010 he was a Pro Bowl and All-Pro performer. In 2011 through 2013 he continued to excel after joining the Baltimore Ravens as a free agent where he went on to win a Super Bowl. He concluded his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins.

Since his football playing days McKinnie continues with varied philanthropy, has involved himself in music heading an independent record label which has produced Grammy Nominated artist, is a strong proponent of fitness and healthy lifestyle, event host, does speaking engagements and other public appearances, and is embarking on work in television including sports and a role on VH1's "Love and Hip Hop Miami".

Prince featuring Boni Boyer - Chain Of Fools

In this video footage my friend and client Boni Boyer (RIP) is featured singing Chain Of Fools with Prince. In his band she played keyboards, did backing vocals and vocal arrangement. Durand was later able to sign this amazing vocalist to a solo deal via WEA Warner Electra Atlantic. They visited and had offers from most every major label at the time. Another Durand friend and client is briefly seen in this footage as well--the shirtless and amazing guitar player Miko Weaver.

Boni was a brilliantly gifted singer, a multi instrumentalist, writer, producer, arranger, visionary, non-stop have you on the floor laughing joke teller who was loved and respected by the music industry.

Prince Features Band Member Miko Weaver's Beautiful Guitar Solo

In this video footage my friend and client Miko Weaver impresses with his amazing guitar solo.

My friend and client, former Prince guitar player Miko Weaver and I go way back. Whether hooping, eating pizza, clubbing, talking about life, double dates, etc., he was always fun to be around. Miko was very generous with me as well, regularly inviting me to Prince events, rehearsals, concerts on the road, incredible after parties, etc.

Miko is featured in this concert footage playing a last minute Prince requested solo, which Miko improvised, Prince liked, and was included in subsequent shows.

Watching Miko create in his home studio was one of my early music inspirations.


"I've known Jeff Durand for at least 20 years. He is both my good friend and business associate. As a professional, Jeff is accomplished, has high standards and morals, is detailed, hard-working, inspired and knowledgeable. More-so, he genuinely cares about his clients and their best interest, both personally and professionally.

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for an experienced, competent, results getting, relationship oriented, polished professional. He's represented and helped many in sports and entertainment. He can help you too."

Lewis Martinee - Multi Platinum Selling Writer and Producer. Billboard and BMI Songwriter of the Year.


"In my 20+ year relationship with Jeff Durand, he has always been the ultimate professional. He represented me well as my agent during my NFL playing days and now in my post NFL endeavors. Jeff's commitment to his clients far surpasses the financial bonanzas. Long after the multi-million dollar NFL contracts cease, Jeff Durand is that one person who will remain by your side supporting and encouraging you. Jeff's tireless work ethic and dedication is what one should look for in a professional as well as a friend. This is why I am proud to call him not only my agent but my friend."

Bennie Blades - Retired All-Pro NFL Defensive Back. University of Miami All-American, National Champion, Hall of Famer and Ring of Honor member. College Football Hall of Famer. 1st Round Draft of the Pick Detroit Lions. Member of the All-Time Lions Team.


"In my many years of working with Jeff Durand, he has represented me exceptionally well, both professionally and personally. His positive impact has lasted long after my football career ended. His guidance and friendship helped me live a great life. In particular, he helped me with legal, financial and personal matters.

Jeff advises not just as an agent, but as a man that cares for the well being of his clients."

Henry Thomas - Retired All-Pro NFL Nose Tackle--Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and New England Patriots.


"I have know and been associated with Jeff Durand for almost 25 years. During that time Jeff has assisted me with various off the field projects involving radio broadcasting. We have a great working relationship and I consider him a friend as well as business partner. Should I need additional assistance with contracts that involve radio or television, he is at the top of my list of people I would call to get a contract done, that covers all the bases and protects me."

Darrin Nelson - Retired NFL Running Back. Stanford All-American. College Hall of Famer. 1st Round Draft Pick Minnesota Vikings.


"I have had the privilege to work with Jeff Durand during my career as a football player in the NFL. He has proven himself as one of the best agents in professional football. I was pleased to have worked closely with him during my tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.

Jeff was always tough, fair and to the point, when negotiating with NFL executives. He is an astute businessman with impeccable character. At the end of each contract negotiation, I was always 100% pleased and in camp doing what I loved.

I regularly recommended Jeff Durand's expertise as an agent, to my NFL teammates while I was playing. Many of them hired him. I still strongly endorse him now to future prospective clients.

Jeff also has a strong background in financial planning, which is extremely important when trying to prepare for life after professional football--a career that is usually short. He goes above and beyond what it takes to make sure that his clients and their families are well positioned financially. I am proof of that.

Most importantly, his relationship with his clients does not stop when the negotiations are over. Jeff has never once not answered my calls, no matter what time of day or night. He is and has been a good friend for many years."

Najee Mustafaa aka Reggie Rutland - Retired All-Pro NFL Defensive Back Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.


"I have known Jeff Durand for at least 20 years. As my agent and financial planner, he not only represented me well, but he also helped shape my understanding of life as a professional athlete, both on and off the field.

Jeff strives to be the best in every endeavor. He was always very clear in his communication with me and I always felt that he actually cared about me as a person, as opposed to what I could do for him.

Over the years, Jeff has been a great friend and motivator. I respect and appreciate his commitment to excellence. I have no doubt that he will continue this mindset."

Cedric Smith - Retired NFL Fullback--Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals. Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. 2013 NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.