financial planning

Providing An Invaluable Service That Everyone Regardless Of Income Needs And Can Greatly Benefit From

Without doubt the most important professional service that I ever provided was and is that as a financial advocate. Important because through this service I've been able to change the financial trajectory of people's lives. I've provided guaranteed protections, shown people how to retire debt, budget, save and invest for short, medium and long term objectives, establish college and trust funds, etc. I've also educated regarding wills and trust, advised regarding investments and estate planning and helped negotiate divorces and much more.

As my clients will attest and have stated in written endorsements, my caring for and about people, being there and looking out for their best interest has engendered many a long term and satisfactory relationship.

When not conducting business, I'm often involved with my creative passions. I write and produce music, do voiceover, am a published author and I blog positivity via my personal website. Another passion of mine is tennis. I play, read about, watch it on television and attend tournaments both domestic and abroad.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your financial objectives. After we address them, if you play, let's schedule some court time.


"Jeff Durand is that one person who will remain by your side, supporting and encouraging you. Jeff's tireless work ethic and dedication is what one should look for in a professional as well as a friend."

Bennie Blades - Retired All-Pro NFL Defensive Back. University of Miami All-American, National Champion, Hall of Famer and Ring of Honor member. College Football Hall of Famer. 1st Round Draft of the Pick Detroit Lions. Member of the All-Time Lions Team.

"Jeff has wonderful qualities that are geared to improve his client's life. He's personable, friendly and knowledgeable about your insurance needs. Jeff is trustworthy and will supply you and family with valuable information."

Heidi Mastin - Minneapolis, MN

"Jeff Durand has been a friend, colleague and confidant of mine for over 20 years. His passion for the financial services arena began early and continues to this day. He has educated himself and honed his high-touch skills, which enabled him to easily transition and make positive impact in the sports and entertainment industries as well.

Having met several of his clients over the years, each has spoken highly of Jeff's professionalism, tenacity, work ethic and integrity. Paramount, is his ability to take complex concepts and simplify them. Jeff has mastered active listening skills, which helps him personally and in business.

The financial profession is perfect for Jeff, as his heart is genuine, his soul is on fire and his mind is focused on what is best for his clients. He is results and action oriented!!!"

Byron Howard - Long Island, NY

"In my many years of working with Jeff Durand, he has represented me exceptionally well, both professionally and personally. His positive impact has lasted long after my football career ended. His guidance and friendship helped me live a great life. In particular, he helped me with legal, financial and personal matters."

Henry Thomas - Retired All-Pro NFL Nose Tackle--Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions and New England Patriots.

"Jeff has a strong background in financial planning, which is extremely important when trying to prepare for life after professional football--a career that is usually short. He goes above and beyond what it takes to make sure that his clients and their families are well positioned financially. I am proof of that. Most importantly, his relationship with his clients does not stop when the negotiations are over. Jeff has never once not answered my calls, no matter what time of day or night. He is and has been a good friend for many years."

Najee Mustafaa aka Reggie Rutland - Retired All-Pro NFL Defensive Back Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.

"Jeff Durand has been a financial planner of mine for over 20 years. His expertise, insights and recommendations were spot on then and are still spot on today. If you are blessed to work with Jeff as I have been, you will not only have a knowledgeable, efficient professional who will educate you in the financial field, you will have a friend.

Markham W. Thomas - Chicago, Illinois

"As my agent and financial planner, he not only represented me well, but he also helped shape my understanding of life as a professional athlete, both on and off the field. Jeff strives to be the best in every endeavor. He was always very clear in his communication with me and I always felt that he actually cared about me as a person, as opposed to what I could do for him."

Cedric Smith - Retired NFL Fullback--Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals. Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. 2013 NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.